Lotte India Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Lotte India Board of Directors04 regional
Lotte India Board of Directors26 carrying and
forwarding agencies
Lotte India Board of Directors2 K+
Lotte India Board of Directors1M+ retail

Mr. Yun Kang Jung

Executive Chairman

Mr. Yun Kang Jung has about 22 years of experience in Sales & Marketing. He has been working with Lotte Group since 1996 under various capacities. He is on the Board of Havmor Ice Cream Private Limited and Lotte Taiwan Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Milan Wahi

Managing Director

Mr. Milan Wahi has about 27 years of experience in the fields of Marketing and Sales and has held senior and top management positions in reputed companies such as CavinKare, Whirlpool India, JK Dairy and Kenstar.

Mr. Mang Ko Noh

Non Executive Director

Mr. Mang Ko Noh has about 36 years of experience in various functions such as planning, purchase and finance. He joined Lotte Group in 1983 and is currently serving as Chief Globalisation officer of Lotte Confectionery Co.Ltd. He is on the Board of Havmor Ice Cream Private Limited and other companies under Lotte Group.

Mr. D.G.Rajan

Independent Director

Mr. D.G.Rajan is a fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is holding Directorships in various companies and has experience and expertise in the field of finance, accounts, taxation for over 50 years.

Ms. Hye Lim Jeon

Independent Director

Ms. Hye Lim Jeon is a Certified Public Accountant. She has been working with ANSE Accounting Corporation, Korea since 2016. She has experience & knowledge in the field of finance, taxation and stock consultancy.

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