Fruitz Jelly Lollipop

The rich coconut toffee

Fruitz Jelly Lollipop

Tiny bits of real desiccated
coconut inclusions in
soft yummy toffee.

Ymmm…pure delight, in
every bite.

Funky Fruit Flavored candy

Fruitz Jelly Lollipop

Mouthwatering fun filled candies
in exciting tropical fruit flavors
that uplift your mood and makes
you tango.

Lollipops [Blueberry, Strawberry flavored]
Jelly Lollipops

Fruit Flavoured Chews

Fruitz Jelly Lollipop

Premium sweet and tangy,
long lasting mango flavored chews,
that you can indulge in.

Gift Pack Assortments

Buy Fruitz Candy

Little Treats for those special
moments to celebrate with your
loved ones.

Assortments, elegantly packed to
suit all occasions.

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