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Career Related

I would love to build a career with Lotte India. How to apply for a suitable position in the organization?

Please visit our Careers page. The opportunities offered by Lotte India to grow professionally are also mentioned in LinkedIn Page in addition to Careers page.Career Philosophy

Product Related

Where should I go in case of product/quality complaint?

Please contact Customer Care. The contact details of Customer Care (contact number and e-mail ID) which are mentioned on all the Lotte India Corporation Limited Product Packages You can also visit the “Contact Us” page to give product feedback and other details.Contact Us

What is Lotte Choco Pie?

Fluffy marshmallow filled soft biscuits, dipped in rich choco. Lotte Choco Pie is 100% Vegetarian.Lotte Choco Pie

Is Lotte Choco Pie Vegetarian?

Lotte Choco Pie is certified 100% pure vegetarian by IVCA (International Vegetarian Certification Agency)

How can I know whether Lotte products are vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

As per Food Safety and Standard Regulation, 2011 when any raw material derived from animal sources is contained in a product, it has to be identified with a red or brown colored circle within a square as a symbol. Food Products bearing a Red or Brown colored circle within a square on their packaging are called as non-vegetarian food. Foods other than non-vegetarian foods are called as vegetarian foods and bear a green colored circle within a square on their packaging.

Meaning of FSSAI Logo?

As per Food Safety and Standard Regulation, 2011, FSSAI logo on any food packaging indicates that the manufacturer of that food product is licensed from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to manufacture that product corresponding to food category norms as laid out by FSSAI.

Why MRP is missing from mono wrappers?

MRP is a requirement of Legal Metrology (Package Commodity) Rules 2011. According to Legal Metrology (Package Commodity) Rules, 2011, packaged commodities having declared net weight less than 10 grams are exempted from declaration of MRP.