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We aspire to be a truly great company to work for.
Towards achieving this, we aim to attract passionate, talented people with a desire to excel.

We seek practical and solution-focused individuals who take great pride in
delivering on their commitments.
Job Opportunities

We empower our employees to do their best by providing them an environment which supports their aspirations.

At Lotte India, we are committed to the development of our people. We focus on skill development and leadership bandwidth required to enable the company’s growth aspirations, also providing opportunities for our people which facilitate career progression and retention.

We attract people who wish to have a long term career, whose behaviours exhibit alignment with our work culture and contribute to the long term success of our company.

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Job Opportunities

Muralikrishnan Senior Manager - Logistics

Lotte lets you think independently, be creative and provides a challenging work environment.

Lotte always encourages and appreciates its employees for their exemplary work.

Job Opportunities

Baiju I.G Regional Sales Manager

Lotte is a company where individuals come in at different levels with different skills, aspirations and attributes and become a family over time.

I have learnt and grown professionally & personally through the time I spend with Lotte Family.

Job Opportunities

Raj Banshi Kumar Zonal Sales Manager-North

“I Was not looking for a Job. I was Looking for a mission”.

Working with lotte India is finding “A rare mix of Work-Life Balance, Being Appreciated and Valued as an Asset and Working with talented and Growth Mindset people”.